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Why Hard Drive Destruction Might Save Your Company

September 03, 2021

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If you’re wondering how hard drive destruction might save your company, you’re not alone. It comes down to two things. First is what would happen if your business hard drive(s) fell into the wrong hands, Second is the fact that, even if you ‘destroy’ your hard drives, you might not destroy the information on them.

Data Destruction Versus Hard Drive Destruction

We’ll look at that second point first because it’s the most misunderstood. Many, if not most, of the ways in which we destroy hard drives, don’t completely destroy the data storage disk.

Even if you destroy the disk housing, you may still be able to retrieve data from the disk. All a criminal needs to do is place the storage disk into a new hard drive housing.

The same is true for many other hard drive destruction methods, including magnets, microwaves and acid baths.

The data held on the storage disk of a hard drive can only be irretrievably destroyed by a company trained and equipped to certify its destruction. Just like certified paper shredding is the only way to destroy the information on the page, your hard drive disk must be shredded in such a way that it cannot be reconstructed or read by a computer.

What Happens to Your Business if Your Hard Drive is Not Destroyed

You probably know at least part of the answer for this. Still, here’s just a shortlist of some of the consequences your business may suffer.

Contravention of Privacy Laws

Your business is bound by privacy laws, like PIPEDA, to protect the private information of your customers and others. If that information is used by a criminal, your company may be liable for any financial and punitive costs.

Loss of Sensitive Corporate Information

This is one that many companies fail to consider. But even simple things, like online passwords, get open massive gaps in your firewalls and encryption.

Loss of Investor Confidence

Whether your business is private or public, a data security breach can hinder valuable, life-saving investment in your company.

If you’d like to learn about other ways to keep your company’s data safe, check out our article ‘How to Keep Your Company’s Confidential Documents More Secure‘.





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