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Q. How do I know my confidential documents will be handled securely?  Do you provide a “Certificate of Destruction”?

A. We take great pride in handling your confidential documents in a very secure environment.  We adhere to the “Code of Ethics” set out by NAID Canada, and we guarantee that all documents removed from your office will be shred prior to being recycled.  A “Certificate of Destruction” will be included directly on your invoice, verifying that everything was shred on the day of removal.  We’ve been in business since 1991 and have never had an incident that resulted in a security breach.

Q. Is on-site shredding more secure than off-site shredding?

A. No, they are simply two different ways to have your confidential material destroyed.  If you intend on watching your material being shred by an on-site truck, there is value in the service.  If however you do not intend on following the driver to the truck to watch your material being shred, you would be an ideal candidate for off-site shredding.  Off-site shredding is not only secure; it’s a more cost efficient and environmentally friendly way to handle your sensitive material in a safe manner.

Q. What happens to our documents/waste paper once it leaves our workplace?

A. Papersavers takes full responsibility of your documents from the time they leave your office, until they’re destroyed and recycled.  With the off-site shredding service, the material is loaded into the back of a Papersavers truck that remains locked at all times.  When the truck is unloaded, ALL waste paper removed is shred at our facility located in Markham.  With the on-site shredding service, you’ll be able to watch the shredding process in your driveway or parking lot at the time of service.  The shredded paper is then baled and shipped off to a paper mill to be recycled into various paper products.

Q. Are your employees bonded and insured?

A. Yes, all staff members at Papersavers are bonded and insured.  Each employee is required to obtain a clean background check in order to be added to our policy.  Background checks are routinely performed for all stall.

Q. What will my staff have to do to participate in the Papersavers shredding & recycling program?

A. The only thing required of your staff is to ensure that all confidential documents & various recyclables are deposited into the appropriate collection containers provided.

Q. Am I able to alter my service requirements and/or schedule as needed?

A. Absolutely!  Papersavers will adjust any part of our program to suit your specific needs.  We understand your shredding and recycling requirements will change from time to time, and we will adjust our service to meet those needs.

Q. Will I be required to sign a service agreement or contract?

A. Absolutely not!  We feel that our service should speak for itself, therefore we don’t feel it’s necessary to hold you to a service agreement or contract if you’re no longer satisfied with our services.

Q. If for whatever reason I no longer require your services, can I cancel at anytime?  Will I be charged a cancellation fee?

A. No, if at any point in the future you do not require our services, simply notify our office and we’ll remove your collection container(s) with the next pick-up.  No cancellation fee is ever charged.

Q. If I wanted to try your on-going service or book a one-time pick-up, how soon could I expect service?

A. Papersavers can get you started on our program, or provide a one-time pick-up service generally within a 1 – 5 business day window of your request (depending on your location and the shredding method selected).