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Document shredders are neccessary in every home. Find out why

Why Every Home Should Have a Document Shredder

March 05, 2020


Times sure are changing. When you were growing up, did you ever think that the most valuable thing in it is information? A place where someone could break in and steal your parent’s identity, and then all their money? 

Not likely. But that’s the fact about any home today. There’s valuable data lying around all over the place, almost like cash money, stacked by your computer, bedside table or in the kitchen drawer, but only thieves can see it. And that’s the first reason why every home should have a document shredder.

3 Reasons Why a Document Shredder Should Be in Every Home 

  1. The Security of Your Personal Data – Needless to say, the most important reason for having a paper shredder in your house is because of the massive consequences that you may suffer if your identity is stolen.

    Even if you keep your bills, receipts and so on under lock and key, it’s not enough. Not only can thieves quickly break into safes and file cabinets, but they can get the information they need from things like packing slips or even handwritten notes, that you would never lock away.
  2. You Have More Paper to Shred Than You Think – In the end, because it’s so easy for identity thieves to get sensitive information from documents that you might not consider dangerous, you should be shedding more than just the “sensitive” stuff.
  3. It Helps Keep Your Home More Organized – When you start taking a closer look at what you have lying around, you start getting into the habit of not leaving it lying around. Imagine, start shredding your paper documents and have less housework!

The need for a document shredder at home is even greater if you have a home-based business. But a home document shredder that isn’t AAA Certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), may not give you the security you think you have. Papersavers offers a number of options, including our “Drop-n-Watch” drop-off shredding services, that will keep your business and personal information certifiably secure.

To learn more about document management, check out our post “3 Business Risks of Bad Document Management”.

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