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On-Site Shredding vs Off-Site Paper Shredding: Which is Better?

file, cabinet, surrounded, by, shredded, paper
On-Site Shredding vs Off-Site Paper Shredding: Which is Better?

September 28, 2023 -


When it comes to destroying your sensitive corporate documents, you have several options. You can shred them yourself, get a document shredding company to shred them at your site, or have the documents taken away to be shredded off-site. Presuming you don’t want the headaches, data security risks and costs that come with document storage […]

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compost, bin, with, organic, waste, in, it
4 Benefits of Having an Organic Waste Composting Bin at Work

April 12, 2023 -

Health & Safety

Many people have a composting bin at home. But the same can’t be said for businesses. While we all understand the benefits of composting, it’s often more difficult for businesses to institute an organic waste composting program. But, when you look at all the benefits, simply adding composting bins in your workplace pays off in […]

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hands, putting, a, sheet, of, paper, into, copying, device
Why You Need Document Scanning

January 17, 2023 -


Document scanning converts physical documents into digital documents. It can help you to keep track of information, reduce the amount of paper you use, and cut costs. It takes minimal effort and can be done in little time, depending on how many documents need to be scanned. Here are a few reasons why you need […]

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hand, going, into, bin, of, shredded, paper
Benefits Of Scheduled Paper Shredding

December 15, 2022 -


Scheduled paper shredding is one way to simplify the shredding process. It protects all of your sensitive data by preventing data breaches and improving your security. You won’t have any sensitive information laying around your office, meaning you won’t have to worry that it could end up in the wrong hands. And, you will be […]

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