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4 Benefits of Having an Organic Waste Composting Bin at Work

April 12, 2023

Health & Safety

Many people have a composting bin at home. But the same can’t be said for businesses. While we all understand the benefits of composting, it’s often more difficult for businesses to institute an organic waste composting program.

But, when you look at all the benefits, simply adding composting bins in your workplace pays off in many ways.

1. All of the Usual Benefits of Composting

We can often lose sight of the main reasons why composting is so advantageous. Here are just a few:

Reduce Waste in Landfills

Creating, maintaining and keeping landfills safe costs us all higher taxes.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Organic material in landfills doesn’t get the oxygen it needs to naturally decompose and produces greenhouse gases as a result.

Reduce the Need for Pesticides and Synthetic Fertilizers

By enriching soil, compost makes it more resilient and less dependent on harmful chemicals.

2. Improve Customer Satisfaction & Increase Sales

It’s a well-known fact that consumers have an ongoing concern for the environment. One result is that they direct their spending to businesses that they believe are more active in protecting the environment. And, when they buy from a ‘green’ company, it contributes to their own sense of doing something for the environment.

3. Increase Employee Moral & Productivity

Those same people who are more conscious of environmental issues are your employees too. when you add composting bins in the workplace, they get the sense that the company shares their concerns and is doing something about it, both of which can increase their motivation and productivity.

4. Join the Ranks of Green, Sustainable Businesses

From getting ISO 14001 certification to having the competitive advantage of being a sustainable, environmentally-friendly business, going green pays off in many ways.

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