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How Desk Side Containers Help Your Policy to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

August 03, 2021


So whatever happened to that ‘paperless society’ idea?! Judging from the full desk-side containers we regularly see in workplaces, they didn’t get the memo – and if they did, it would have been on paper.

Despite the increased use of digital documents, scanning and printing to PDFs, paper documents are still prominent in workplaces. And along with them, so too are their costs, which including raw stock costs, document storage, records management, paper shredding and recycling costs, among expenses. This doesn’t include the time spent searching for lost documents, which may be the largest cost of all.

The ongoing presence of paper documents in our workplaces makes it crucial to have of reduce, reuse and recycle policy in place to minimize paper costs. And desk-side containers can play an integral part in the success of that policy.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle with Desk Side Containers

One of the best parts of developing and launching a reduce, reuse and recycle policy is that its goals and how to make it work are all outlined in its name!

Reduce Paper Use

How much paper your business uses may depend on its ‘paper culture’. Are there many printers and photocopiers around, even a printer on every desk? The ease at which employees can create paper documents increases how many paper documents they create. Also, encourage the use of online note-taking, and clean desk policies.

Reuse Paper

Of course, if a page of paper has something printed on it, you can’t exactly wipe it clean for reuse. But can you print on the other side? Two-sided printing should be encouraged wherever possible. And if your staff like to use paper notes, make note pads from used paper – even junk mail fliers.

Recycle Paper

While this may not lower your paper costs directly, the more recycled paper there is, the less we depend on cutting down trees for new paper. Your customers probably appreciate doing business with a company that has an active green policy.

Just like having a printer at every desk makes it more likely that you’ll increase paper usage, having a desk-side container at every desk makes it easier to recycle paper.

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