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4 Benefits of Secure Document Storage

April 06, 2021


The idea of a paperless society was first mentioned in 1978. But, after 40 years, and almost universal digitization, we still need to be concerned about things like the benefits of secure document storage.

Indeed, what’s really happened is that the advent of digital documents has shifted our focus away from paper records and documents, not eliminated them. In particular, document security, how you store your documents and keep them safe and secure, is not as “top of mind” as it might once have been.     

Consider These Benefits of Secure Document Storage 

The part of document storage that many people don’t understand is that it isn’t really about the paper, but the confidential information on the paper. Keeping your company’s records secure is as important as maintaining secure passwords, firewalls and restricted access on your IT system.

Secure offsite record storage not only eliminates the headache of developing and maintaining your own document management system but also delivers the following benefits.

  1. Offers Protection You Can’t – When you store your documents off-site with a records management company like Papersavers, you give your sensitive corporate information a level of protection that your cpomp[any may not be able to provide, or that might cost more to provide than using off-site document storage services.
  2. Stay in Legal Compliance – An off-site storage facility can help you ensure you remain within various laws and requirements regarding the safekeeping of information and its certified destruction.
  3. Open Up Office Space – If you keep your records stuffed in a closet, or devote a large space to them, off-site file storage can open up additional office space, have more storage space and free-up file cabinets.
  4. More Cost-Effective – Keeping documents on your premises means maintaining staff to manage them, do records searches and follow destruction schedules. You can eliminate that with off-site storage. 

To learn more about protecting your corporate data, check out our article “How Confidential Paper Shredding is Key to Business Continuity”.


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