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How to Protect Patient Information Onsite & Offsite

January 12, 2022


Patient information must be kept confidential onsite and offsite. Security and data breaches can happen if your patient’s files are not kept safe. Additionally, if files are not organized, it can be easy to lose patient information.

Let’s go over how you protect patient information in and outside of an office.

Build Security Culture

Simply setting up a system for you and your employees can help protect patient information. If there is a company-wide understanding of how information should be kept, then there shouldn’t be any confusion. It can also help to keep not only your patients’ information safe but your company’s information too. Additionally, offering courses on security culture and answering any questions surrounding it, can avoid any misunderstandings.

Have Proper Organization

Whether you are working onsite or offsite, you can set up an organization system to keep files safe and in the right place. If you are unable to locate your patient’s information, then this could mean there is a lack of organization. So, it is important to have a filing system where patients’ information is stored physically. However, if you work online you can organize documents into safe hard drives where they are protected behind passwords and firewalls.

Get Rid of Unused Documents

If you go through all of your patient’s files, you may find some that can be destroyed. However, if you want to keep the information but shred the documents, you can digitize and store them on a hard drive. This can prevent clutter and keep information from getting lost. Additionally, keeping your files up to date can help you access current files faster.

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