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Why spring cleaning is good for document storage and your overall business

Why Spring Cleaning is Good for Your Document Storage & Your Business

March 21, 2018


For the same reasons that it’s popular at home, spring cleaning is a great way to keep your workplace efficient and tidy and to keep your document storage on track.

Even if you have a cleaning staff or service, office workplaces can still become ‘dirty’ with clutter including extra records storage boxes, spare computer monitors, loose operator manuals and who knows what else. It’s the sort of stuff that we stop noticing until you realize you have a problem.

But if you make it a point to clean-up, declutter and organize your workspace at least annually, you’ll avoid the extra cost of working around the disorganization.

And spring happens to be a great time of year for that annual sprucing up. Here’s why:

1. Staff Will Start Summer Holidays Soon

One of the benefits of cleaning your office at any time is that you’ll find some documents or other records that may have been lost. But, if a good chunk of your staff is away, knowing what to do with the documents, or where to store them, can be more difficult. And there are fewer people to help with the cleanup

2. You’ve Just Come Off Your Busy Season

With all hands on board in the fall and winter, many offices get more work done during those months. But being busy means you’re less likely to keep things as organized as possible. At least a lot of the clutter you have to organize is still relatively fresh. But if you leave the clean-up until the fall, then it will have been laying around for a long time, and who knows what can happen to it.

3. It’s Always a Good Time Organize Office Documents & Data

Records boxes can chew up a lot of space very quickly. They can end up being stored haphazardly leaving less storage and/or floor space for your company.  But if you have a regular program of retrieving and organizing loose documents. Putting as many of your records boxes into permanent storage as possible, and shredding any documents that are ready. You’ll maximize storage space, keep your sensitive corporate information safer and reduce the risk of losing important documents.

If you are looking for onsite or offsite paper shredding, including certified data destruction, get in touch with us here at Papersavers, we’ll be happy to help with your spring cleaning.

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