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Best times to organize documents for shredding

The Best Times for Organizing Documents for Document Shredding

April 16, 2018


Maybe you have and stick to a retention schedule for document shredding. You could also have a well-organized records management system so you can get to any document you need quickly. You might even work with a professional document shredding company who helps you keep your document shredding on schedule.

Or you might have none of these and your corporate documents are stuffed in a few boxes at the back of your storage closet.

The Need to Organize Documents

Regardless of how sophisticated or simple your records management system is, there will always be times when it could all use a bit or organizing.
Sometimes documents aren’t put back in the right place, or put back at all. Photocopies are made to help preserve document originals, but now each copy contains the same sensitive information that the original carries and they must be shredded too.

In any case, your business can eventually end up with an excess amount of unorganized documents and records boxes. Resulting in a more cluttered workspace and more time needed to access and manage documents.

The Time to Organize Documents

Throughout the year, there are different times that may be better for organizing your corporate documents, workplace and records management.

While your own business cycle might dictate which times are best. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

1. Before Summer Vacations

Especially after a busy start to the calendar year, your office might be in more need of organizing than usual. By setting aside a time in late spring to declutter, you’ll have all hands on board. And have a nice clean office through the summer.

2. After Summer Vacations

If you can’t swing it before people go away. Setting up a time shortly after they return, before getting into the busy fall and winter seasons, can be just as good.

3. Year-End

Or maybe just after year-end. In any case, if you’ve been accessing lots of documents anyway, immediately organizing them and setting aside those for destruction. This will reduce the chance of losing them and stop cutter from hanging around too long.

When it’s time to have your documents and sensitive information shredded and certifiably destroyed, contact us here at Papersavers.

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