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What are the benefits of organizing documents for shredding

The Benefits of Organizing Documents for Shredding

April 30, 2018


In our last post, we were in a bit of a ‘spring cleaning’ mood and we suggested sometimes that might be better than others. For decluttering your workplace and shredding any documents you can.

Of course, it’s always helpful to have a tidy, organized workplace. But after we finished the blog post, we realized there are even more benefits.

Here are just a few more advantages of decluttering your workplace and scheduling a one-time. On-demand shredding service to certifiably destroy any excess documents. Like photocopies and any documents that can be shredded according to your retention schedule.

1. Increased Productivity

Just clutter in the workplace can decrease productivity. When you add to that more documents to look through to find the information you need, decluttering and shredding can pay for itself in increased efficiencies.

2. Increased Corporate Security

Every photocopy or printout contains the same sensitive data as the original. In the case of printing a digital file, the information actually goes from the security of your firewall and passwords, to be completely open and unprotected. And it can lie around indefinitely if you don’t occasionally organize your documents.

3. Put Your Company in Compliance

Businesses are bound by law and contractual obligations to protect the private and sensitive data of their customers, suppliers, and employees. That data can exist on what otherwise seems like a harmless document, like a packing slip. Exactly the sorts of documents that people can be careless about and that leave your company in contravention of the law and liable for damages.

Certified Shredding & Recycling

It’s not enough to simply put confidential waste paper through the office shredder. The information on the paper must be certifiably destroyed. That’s why it’s important for you to get an on-site, on-demand shredding service, or schedule ongoing shredding of documents to be shredded, that safely and securely shreds your documents according to NAID ‘AAA’ Certified standards. Contact Papersavers to learn more.

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