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4 Paper Shredding Benefits For Your Business

July 30, 2019


It might seem a little odd, but to get a better idea of paper shredding benefits, it helps to not think of it as paper shredding. Document shredding is really data destruction. There’s no reason to shred a piece of paper, except to get rid of the information on it.

When you look at it that way, paper shredding offers many important benefits for business.

The Benefits of Paper Shredding for Businesses

Before we begin, to get all of the benefits listed below, your paper shredder or paper shredding company must shred paper to NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) AAA standards for the data to be certifiably destroyed.

  1. Helps Your Business Be Compliant with Government Information Privacy Laws – This may be the most important benefit of document destruction. In Canada, personal information is protected by PIPEDA, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. The Act makes it law for businesses to destroy personal confidential information when it is no longer required to fulfill the identified purposes for which it was gathered.
  2. Protects Your Business for Data Breaches – A data breach isn’t exclusively the domain of the digital world. Paper documents carry enough information to seriously damage your business, including the risk of identity theft for business owners, employees, customers and suppliers.
  3. Can Increase Productivity – If your office or storage areas area clogged with records boxes, it can slow down your productivity in many ways. First, just getting around can be a hassle. And if you have to find a document in the pile, good luck!

    If you use a secure paper shredding service instead of on-site shredding, your productivity improves even more because no one in the office needs to spend time shredding paper or look after document retention and shredding schedules.
  4. It’s Great Customer Service – Clients like to work with companies that demonstrate a responsibility to protect their business and/or personal information and that help protect the environment.


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