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Confidential papers shredding at the office to ensure data security after reopening from COVID-19 physical distancing measures.

Why You Need a One-Time Shredding Service When Your Office Reopens

August 06, 2020


Your office staff has been working from home for at least five months now. When your office reopens, it will mean almost as big a shift in their routines as when the COVID-19 quarantine was first imposed.

You’ll face a number of logistical issues, including scheduling staff, physical distancing of workstations and disinfecting procedures – among many others.

Oh yeah, and you need to make sure your data security procedures are all followed while you make the transition. To prepare for your office reopening, shredding services are crucial.

3 Reasons for a One-Time Shredding Service When Your Office Reopens

One-time shredding means exactly what it says – shredding your documents in a one-time session. Whether or not you have a regular document shredding service, there are many reasons why a one-time shredding service will help protect your sensitive corporate data. For a seamless office reopening, shredding services can help provide a smooth transition.

  1. Data Security – Your employees have been accessing and creating corporate documents while not on your premises. Even if all your documents are digital and remain protected on your network during COVID-19, your staff may have needed to print something while at home. And they may have authored new documents from home too. 
  2. Data Security – Yup. We know. The second one’s the same as the first. But by scheduling a one-time shredding service, you put a renewed awareness and focus on data security and best practices that could easily have lapsed while working from home. Make staff aware of the one-time shredding and they’ll be more aware of collecting documents and not just putting them in recycling.
  3. Data Security – Uh-huh. We know. But what if your staff took your data security into their own hands and shredded documents at home? Unfortunately, the only way to certify the destruction of data on a document is to have it shredded by a NAID AAA certified document shredding company. So even if they were aware and practicing data security – they really weren’t.

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