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How to prevent identity theft with these tips

How To Prevent Identity Theft In Canada

August 06, 2019


Protecting yourself against theft seems relatively easy. Put security systems on your home and vehicle, and keep a close eye on your pocketbook. But are you doing enough to prevent identity theft?

Part of the problem is the nature of identity theft. It can happen in the usual ways, when someone steals something with your personal information on it. But it can also happen by unwittingly replying to a phishing email. Or simply not having good enough spyware and virus protection on your computer.  

4 Ways to Help Prevent Identity Theft in Canada

Considering that victims of identity theft can suffer serious financial losses and ruined credit scores, it is important to do everything you can to safeguard personal information.

  1. Be Wary of Suspicious Activity via the Internet or Telephone – Be on the lookout for unsolicited emails, phone calls or even snail mail asking for personal information. You should never send anyone your personal information, including your social insurance number (SIN), credit card number or bank account number via email unless you are certain to whom you send it and that it will be secure.

  2. Report Any Suspected Attempts at Identity Theft – Fraudsters are constantly using new techniques to get at personal data. Contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre if you suspect you’ve been victimized or targetted.

  3. Practice Safe Document Storage – Do you leave documents with personal information hanging around at home of the office? All sensitive documents should be under lock and key. If they are no longer needed they should be shredded or otherwise securely destroyed.

  4. Check Your Credit Card Transactions and Credit Reports – Look for irregular transactions and report them to your bank, credit card company or credit bureau.

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