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How to Be a Greener Company

February 19, 2016


Whether your business is the subject of government-mandated environmental audits, or you just want to be a better corporate citizen, there are many benefits to going green.

From the cost savings of using less energy, to the public relations boost you get from having active recycling programs, it pays to reduce your environmental footprint.

The following initiatives are just some of the ways you can help reap the rewards of greening your company:

1. Recycle Paper

Trees help remove pollutants form the atmosphere and the more paper you recycle, the fewer the trees that must be harvested to supply our paper habit. In addition to having centralized paper collection containers, place smaller containers at desks and work stations to help make it easier for employees to recycle.

2. Reduce Electricity and Energy Use

By turning off lights when they are not in use, switching to fluorescent lighting and increasing the energy efficiency of your building, you cut energy costs and save the environment

3. Can & Bottle Recycling

The manufacture of metal and glass containers consumes a lot of energy. One of the easiest ways to help reduce that consumption is to have an active can and bottle recycling program, including the convenient placement of specific collection containers throughout your premises.

4. Composting

Employees appreciate having kitchen facilities so they can have healthier, homemade meals and not have the expense of buying restaurant food every day. Organic waste composting will help reduce how much material you send to landfills.

5. Electronic Recycling

Electronics, including computer equipment, storage media and monitors, are packed with a wide variety of toxic chemicals, heavy metals – like mercury, cadmium and beryllium – and PVC plastics that will remain in landfills for a very long time. In Ontario, electronic recycling of materials must be recycled by registered generators of electronic waste through the Ontario Electronic Stewardship program.

Regardless of why you do it, it’s important for every company to do their part in reducing waste, pollution and all of the risks that go with them.

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