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Tips to have a eco-friendly office

5 Tips For A More Eco-friendly Office

September 17, 2019


From higher productivity to improved brand reputation, we’ve told you before about the many benefits for your business of going green with an eco-friendly office. But just because you know of its advantages doesn’t mean you can up and instantly make your office environmentally friendly.

How to Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly

Of course, a greener office space doesn’t happen all at once. Check the tips below, find one that you can start with, and then use as many of the others if and when you can.

  1. Make Printers Less Accessible – In larger offices, you can simply reduce the number of printers in the office. In smaller offices, maybe you can relocate the printers you have. In any case, the more inconvenient it is to print a document, the less likely your staff will be to do so unnecessarily. You’ll probably be surprised at how much unnecessary printing your office does. And you’ll save money.

  2. Institute Green Procurement Policies – From the paper in your newly relocated printers, to the packaging you use for the products that head out the door, by switching to recycled paper and other office supplies, you’ll be supporting an important initiative that, quite simply, saves trees.

  3. Give Employees the Option to Work from Home – Not every office considers reducing their carbon footprint as yet another benefit of letting staff work from home.

  4. Reduce Energy Usage – This one might seem obvious, but we often overlook the obvious. We can all find ways of reducing the amount of energy we consume, from encouraging the use of more natural light, to ensuring all lighting fixtures use compact fluorescent light bulbs or other energy-efficient lighting, like LEDs.

  5. Add More Recycle Bins – Just like reducing the number of printers can discourage printing, adding recycling bins for paper shredding around the office makes it easier to recycle versus just throwing things in the trash bin.

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