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Cluttered office

Declutter for Business Success!

June 20, 2017


Whether it’s a one-person shop or a large multi-national corporation, your business can face similar risks. From productivity to data security, business risks can eat away at your bottom line.

Some risks, like the theft of products, can be relatively easily documented and addressed. But other risks are less apparent, even ‘invisible’, and can negatively affect your company’s performance without you even knowing it.

The Risk of Clutter

A cluttered office or workplace is more than just messy. Clutter can affect the efficiency of your operations in a number of ways.


This one’s simple. Suppose you need to find that work order to get going on an important project. But it’s somewhere in one of the piles on someone’s desk. Think about the length of time you, and any number of colleagues, might spend trying to find that one piece of paper. Now think about the lost productivity if that document is permanently lost.

Employee Stress

Merely being in a cluttered environment can add to stress levels. A messy work environment has been linked to higher levels of anxiety, helplessness and a sense of being overwhelmed.

Data Security

With papers lying about all over the place, not only is there a significant risk of losing data, but it is also exposed to the prying eyes of data thieves.

The Benefits off Decluttering

In addition to counteracting all the risks listed above, there are additional benefits of decluttering that many companies don’t consider.

Better Performance

Clutter actually over-stimulates the brain. A tidied workplace not only relieves stress, but it actually frees-up brainpower to devote to more productive pursuits.

Decluttering Itself is Stress Relieving

Not only is a less cluttered work space less stressful, but the mere act of decluttering is a stress reliever.

It’s no secret that paper is a major contributor to clutter in the workplace. One of the fastest ways to declutter is through effective document management, including document storage and shredding. If you want to learn more about how to declutter your business for success, please give us a call at Papersavers, we’d be happy to help.

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