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Why you need certified media destruction

Why Your Company Needs Certified Media Destruction

August 15, 2017


Why do you have your corporate records and documents certifiably shredded? Because they contain information that, if it ends up in the wrong places, can be damaging to your business, your customers, your employees and your suppliers.

That National Association of Information Destruction ‘AAA’ Certification you get when paper documents are certified as ‘destroyed’ is your peace of mind in knowing that any information your old documents held is absolutely gone an no longer a risk to you or your company.

But what about the other media in your company that holds information? Like hard drives.  If a single piece of paper can hold enough information for someone to steal your identity, think about what they could do with all the information on a hard drive.

But hard drives are just the start. USB flash drives can hold as much information as thousands of paper documents, as do tablet computers. Every employee’s cellphone might have access to untold amounts of data in the cloud, in emails and online documents. And even older CDs, DVDs, video and audio tapes, and backup tapes, are a threat to the data security of your company while their information is still accessible.

As important as it is, data security is just one reason your company needs certified media destruction. Here are just a couple more:

1. It Keeps Your Company Compliant

Your business faces increasing responsibility to protect your customers’ and employees’ privacy, health information, identities and more. Certifiably destroying your company’s electronic data media is the only way to ensure compliance.

2. Save Space & Money

When you keep old hard drives stored somewhere in the office, not only do you need the space to do so, but you also need to set up a secure storage system to find any information that is on each drive.

If you’re looking for fast, convenient, certified media destruction, please call Papersavers, we can help.


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