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What are the most common questions about corporate document shredding

Common Questions About Corporate Document Shredding

October 31, 2017


When you’ve been in the document shredding business as long as we have, you get many of the same questions from different customers. Not quite the same as the usual FAQs, these are questions about the basic idea of shredding and some of the preconceived notions that many companies have about it.

In other words, they are questions that companies might have even before they approach a document shredding service provider.

So we thought we’d share them with you in case you were looking for the same answers.

1. Why Should We Shred Documents?

There are a number of reasons for shredding documents. Perhaps most importantly, businesses face an increasing number of compliance requirements to protect private information, especially personal information, including that of your customers, employees, and suppliers.

Other reasons for shredding corporate documents include freeing-up valuable office space and reducing the costs of storing documents.

2. But We Have an In-Office Shredder, Isn’t that Good Enough?

Probably not. The vast majority of office shredders, especially the less expensive models, do not shred your documents to the point where the data on the documents is certifiably destroyed.

3. How Long Do I Need to Keep Documents?

You are required by law to keep different documents for different lengths of time. Your company should have document retention guidelines that set out how long you should store each type of document before they can be shredded.

4. Most of Our Documents Don’t Have Sensitive Information, Why Should We Shred Them?

You’d be surprised at what little information thieves need to steal someone’s identity. From simple address information scribbled on a post-it note. The details about a shipment on a purchase order. There’s lots of data on almost every document your company uses that you wouldn’t want to fall into the wrong hands.

Not only are you required to protect sensitive data. But your customers want to do businesses with companies that act responsibly in all aspects of their business. Shredding all your corporate documents not only keeps you in compliance, but it’s a valuable competitive advantage.

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