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How to be thinking about document shredding

Why to Change Your Thinking About Document Shredding

July 11, 2018


For most companies, and the people in them who are responsible for it, document shredding is a chore. If it’s part of your job to ensure certain documents are shredded according to their destruction schedule, you might feel like it’s one of the most routine, boring tasks you have. Just how much training is needed to learn how to shove a piece of paper in the shredder?

The Crucial Importance of Document Shredding

To get an idea of the real importance of document shredding, think about what would happen if you shred the wrong document. It could be a financial statement that’s the only one available to support the corporate tax filings. Or a workplace safety report that’s needed to keep your insurance rates from going up.

In either case, shredding just one wrong document could cost the business dearly.

To further underline the crucial importance of document shredding, think about what would happen if you didn’t destroy a document at the right time. It could be an employee benefits document that lists the benefits each employee uses. Or a photocopy of a contract that has corporate, supplier and client information.

Again, in both cases, those documents have very sensitive information. In the case of employees, the information could be personal. In the case of your suppliers and customers, it could put your business in contravention of contractual obligations.

If those documents are not shredded, and the information they contain not kept secure, it could be disastrous for the company.

You’re Not Shredding a Document, You’re Destroying Information

Instead of thinking that when you shred a document, all you’re doing is getting rid of a piece of paper, think instead about the information each document contains.

What would happen if that information gets into the wrong hands? Let’s say the document shows details of a contract with one of your suppliers and a visiting customer happens to see it. Now maybe they know what you’re paying for something they buy from you. How could that hurt your business?

And that’s one of the less serious scenarios.

So the information is the thing, not the paper it’s printed on. That’s why to give your company the highest level of protection and the lowest level of risk due to missing. Misplaced or lost information, you need document shredding that certifiably destroys the information on the document. Contact Papersavers to learn more.

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