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Onsite Shredding Service

Who Benefits from “Drop ’n’ Watch” Shredding the Most?

August 26, 2016


You have a number of options for shredding your sensitive business or personal documents. Your shredding company can shred ‘on-site’, meaning your hme or place of business; they can shred ‘off-site’, meaning they pick-up your documents and take them to their facility; or you can ‘drop ’n’ watch’ the destruction of your documents at the shredding facility.

Of all the three main shredding options, ‘drop ‘n’ watch’ is the least expensive. By bringing your docs to a shredding location, it means the shredding company doesn’t have to visit your location and they pass the savings on to you.

But there are other costs to consider before choosing ‘drop ‘n’ watch’. On the simplest level, the time it takes you or an employee to get to and from the shredding company is not part of the equation when you choose the ‘on-site’ or ‘off-site’ shredding options.

So who can benefit the most form ‘drop ‘n’ watch’ shredding? Here are a few suggestions that will help determine if it’s you:

1. Personal Documents

If you occasionally want to ensure personal documents are certifiably destroyed and recycled, you can simply get them together and visit the shredding centre next time you are in the area, instead of making a special trip.

2. Small Businesses

You will likely have many more documents than for ‘personal’ purposes. You can schedule a regular (annual, semi-annual, quarterly) document review and also schedule a visit when it’s convenient.

3. Larger Businesses

Some documents are more sensitive than others. Leaving them around increases the risk of them being lost, stolen or their contents being viewed by the wrong eyes. Those risks far outweigh the extra cost of getting the documents immediately destroyed. And the fact that you can witness the destruction gives you even more peace of mind.

One More Benefit of ‘Drop ‘n’ Watch’: You don’t actually have to do the ‘watch’ part. You can simply drop off your documents and await the Certificate of Destruction from the shredding company.

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