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Corporate Records Management System Benefits

7 Benefits of a Corporate Records Management System

May 24, 2016


Are your archived corporate documents sitting in a bunch of banker’s boxes in your storage room?

A formal system of managing your stored documents can seem like a time-consuming task that doesn’t offer a quick payback, until you realize how many valuable, bottom-line benefits it can deliver.

1. Less Time Spent Accessing Records

With a detailed inventory and tracking system, you will be able to quickly retrieve any document. No need for anyone to look through countless boxes, only to still not find what they need.

2. Fewer Records to be kept

How many times have you made a copy of a document after you finally found it? While it’s a good idea, it means duplication of paper records; duplication that wouldn’t need to happen with properly managed documents.

3. Lower Risk of Lost Records

You can’t account for something that is part of a system. The cost of lost documents can be immeasurable.

4. More Office Space

Documents tracked by a records management system can be removed from storage and shredded regularly. That means you won’t have to pay for space to store documents that are no longer required to be stored.

5. Better Compliance

A good system will make sure you do not contravene statutory and regulatory records compliance requirements.

6. More Efficient Electronic Records Management

Just because you use a scanner to digitize documents, it does not mean you have an efficient system. With the exception of office space, most of the problems of bad paper document management can be also experienced with poor management of electronic documents.

7. A Corporate Culture of Records Management

A robust document management system is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Its mere existence encourages employees to be more diligent about proper document handling.

While it’s not usually on anyone’s list of reducing costs and improving productivity, a good records management system can top them all.

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