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5 Ways Your Office Paper Shredder Wastes Money

5 Ways Your Office Paper Shredder Wastes Money

December 30, 2015


What a cool machine. The in-office paper shredder always seems like a great idea when you first get it. Set it up, plug it in, stick a piece of paper in the slot and – zzzzip – off it goes into oblivion.

If your company gets rid of paper one sheet at a time, or doesn’t have any concerns about data security, then your office shredder should be up to the task.

But if your company uses paper shredders for any more than that, then your shredder is very likely costing you far more money than you can imagine.

Here are five reasons why:

1. Lost Productivity

Have you ever seen one of your employees standing by the shredder loading sheets in a few at a time? Every minute someone spends putting paper into a shredder is time spent away from doing the work of your business. And remember, they had to stop what they were doing, gather the documents and empty the shredder afterward. It adds up to a lot of lost productivity.

2. Inadequate Shredding

Most office shredders do not cut paper into small enough bits to guarantee the security of the information. Even cross-cut shredders can leave strips large enough for information to be pieced together from them.

3. No Proof of Destruction

If your company must comply with proper data destruction guidelines, including proof of destruction, your office shredder doesn’t provide it.

4. Shredder Downtime

Remember how much time you noticed that employees spend shredding paper? Now think about how many times you’ve seen them trying to get stuck paper out of the shredder. Or how many times staples got caught in the shredder and it simply stopped working.

5. An Insecure Process

Documents that lie around waiting for destruction are vulnerable to prying eyes and theft.

If you really want to securely destroy sensitive business documents, using a professional paper shredding company is your most economical, secure and headache-free solution.

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