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5 Reasons You Should be Well on Your Way To a Paperless Office

December 23, 2016


Information management, increased productivity and improved customer service are high on the list of priorities for just about every business great or small. Many of the initiatives to meet all of these priorities are part of the many digital innovations sweeping through the world of business. From driverless deliveries to digital document management solutions, new innovations are changing businesses inside and out.

But there can be pushback in many businesses. There’s a ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ attitude that makes new initiative seem unnecessary and a misuse of resources.

But, just like the old stock market adage ‘buy low, sell high’ doesn’t tell you that the current high might be the new low, the ‘..don’t fix it’ wisdom is blind to new approaches that aren’t fixes, but entirely new and better ways of doing business. And following it can leave your organization behind in a number of areas that are crucial to your business’ survival.

A key area of digital innovation, and one that may be an easier sell in many businesses, is the paperless office. Using online documents helps your company meet many of its basic business goals

1. Customer Service

Customers increasingly demand not only the ability to do business online, including service responses, invoices and customized offers, they actually want it on their mobile device, any time, any where they choose.

2. Meet Data Security Compliance Regulations

Every business must ensure the security of their information. Paper documents are notoriously difficult to manage and some estimate that up to 7.5% of paper documents are lost at one point in their lifespan. The information on a lost document is vulnerable to theft and that leaves your business vulnerable too.

3. Increase Productivity

There’s no telling how much time is spent searching for, retrieving, handling and returning paper documents in any company. And document handling is one of the least appealing parts of any job.

4. Attract Better People

Potential job candidates, especially the ones most worth having, are quick to identify tech-savvy, forward-thinking companies. You don’t see much paper in Google’s offices.

5. Stay Ahead of the Competition

The hesitancy of many companies to go paperless gives your organization a ‘first-to-market’ type of opportunity. If you are able to enjoy the benefits of making the switch, you’ll also enjoy a competitive advantage.

If your company is looking for advice on how to go paperless, call us here at Papersavers, 1-888-392-0828; we can help.

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