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Prevent data security breaches in your company

3 Ways Your Company Recycling Program Can be a Data Security Risk

September 19, 2018


It’s no secret that, whether yours is a B2C or B2B business, your customers prefer dealing with you if you have a company recycling program.

Green initiatives, including a recycling program, using supplies made from recycling materials and even taking part in community environmental initiatives, can boost your brand reputation and even reduce your overhead.

But, like most corporate initiatives, instituting and managing a recycling program isn’t as simple as putting blue bins near everyone workstations. At least it isn’t if you want to maintain your data security.

How to Prevent Data Security Breaches in Your Company Paper Recycling Program

Whether you have an active recycling program or you’re setting one up, keeping your corporate data secure must be a primary focus.

If it isn’t, you put your company at risk of losing sensitive corporate data, including personal employee, customer and supplier information.

Here are three ways that data can be at risk in a recycling program and how to minimize the risk.

Paper Collection

Yes, making it easier for your staff to recycle by placing paper receptacles all around the workplace can improve participation in your program. But the information on any document in an open blue bin is at risk. Secure, lockable recycling bins safeguard sensitive information until it is shredded and certifiably destroyed.

No Data Destruction Schedule

Every company must keep certain documents for specific time periods. If a document is destroyed before it is scheduled for destruction, you put your company at risk in two ways. First, it may be in contravention of government guidelines for maintaining records. Second, lost information can incur the expense of trying to piece it back together or be a public relations problem.

Information isn’t Certifiably Destroyed

Many office shredders and even some paper shredding companies do not certifiably destroy the data on a document. Be sure all your business documents are shredded to NAID ‘AAA’ standards.

To learn more about ensuring your company recycling program isn’t a data security risk, contact Papersavers today.  

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