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3 Tips to Make Your Office More Efficient this Fall

October 11, 2015


While spring cleaning is a great idea for your home, early autumn is actually the best time to clean and organize your office. Everyone is back from vacation and summer hours. Much of the work of your business will be done over the next ten months until summer rolls around again. The more organized and efficient you make your office now, the efficient the bulk of your work will be.

Below are our tips for seting up your office for smooth, efficient operations:

Put Everything in its Place

Clutter is the great enemy of office efficiency and morale. When your employees can quickly fin what they need to get their jobs done, they feel better and work more efficiently, which increases prouctivity. Try to look at your office through the eyes of someone seeng it for the first time. Find a place for anything that’s visible but shouldn’t be. Organize storage space to increase its capacity and get rid of anything you no longer need.

Computer Clean-Up

Computer hardware works more efficiently and lasts longer when it’s cleaner. Dust increases heat inside CPU’s which affects performance and durability. Software should be updated wherever possible, especially your antivirus and malware protection. Nothing saps efficiency more than the downtime caused by a virus or cyber-attack. Ask your employees to de-clutter their computer hard, cloud or virtual drives by deleting downloads and files that are no longer needed and storing others into their proper folders.

De-Clutter Paper Documents

If you have storage boxes lying around with sensitive documents, not only is it inefficient, but it’s a security risk too. If you don’t have a place to securely store your records, it’s better to hire a storage company than to leave them stacked in the corner. If you have older files that can be disposed of, you need to do so in a way that won’t put sensitive information at risk. Office shredders do not cut paper into small enough ieces to ensure that the information can’t be reassembled. Document shredding companies can safely and securely destroy your unwanted paper files either at your office or at their facilities. Make sure you get a Certificate of Destruction to ensure that your confidential information remains secure.

Everything you do to help your office run more efficiently will pay off in higher productivity, improved morale and a better reputation for your business.

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