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How to have better on-site document storage

3 Tips for Better On-Site Document Storage

February 28, 2018


Here we are, many decades after predictions of the paperless office were first made, and what do you have lying around your office, on people’s desks, in boxes stacked high in the storage closet, in recycling bins everywhere?

Paper. And the fact that paper documents are still a major part of most business operations means you better have a great document management program, including on-site document storage, in place or you might be drowning in paper sooner than you think.

But on-site document storage involves a lot more than finding an empty box and throwing paper files into it. Here are just a few tips for you use in setting up your on-site document storage system.

1. A Space Program

One of the missing links between ‘ad hoc’ document storage and a more efficient system is being able to find any document you need in a reasonable amount of time. And you can’t do that if your document storage boxes are stacked in a pile in the storage room. You need to set aside enough space and shelving to access every storage box you have now, and all those that you will have in the foreseeable future.

2. Organize Documents According to Their Classification

You need to keep some documents for longer than others. But you don’t want to keep any document for longer than you have to. Store documents according to their document class, or how long they must be kept, and their destruction date.

3. Set-Up a Labelling System for Records Boxes

First, records boxes are a worthwhile investment. Second, use the area on the outside of the box set aside for labeling to give each box a location code or box number.

You can use a spreadsheet to create a list of your boxes and their locations. Along with a detailed itemization of their contents. So that you can easily find and retrieve any document in any box.

One of the other main functions of a successful on-site document storage system is to create a system of tracking any document removed from any box.

But perhaps the best way to manage your sensitive corporate documents is to not store them on-site at all. But to call us here at Papersavers and ask about our secure document storage services.

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