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Shredding corporate documents

3 Reasons Why Shredding Corporate Documents In-House Costs More than Outsourcing

November 29, 2017


In the world of shredding corporate documents, it’s the eternal question: should we do our own shredding, or should we hire a shredding company?

Unfortunately, we’re all very busy and the easiest way to make a decision is to compare the bottom-line price of the two options. Needless to say, with the cheapest office shredders available for just a few hundred dollars, they often seem to be the answer to the problem.

Don’t Confuse Price and Cost When it Comes to Shredding Corporate Documents

Price is perhaps the worst way to compare the cost of in-house shredding with outsourcing your shredding. In fact, the lower the price of a shredder, the more it will cost you.

Shredding isn’t about ripping paper into tiny bits. It’s about irretrievably destroying the information on the paper. That’s what many office shredders fail to do and that’s what increases your costs.

1. Information Still Intact

Office shredders don’t reduce documents to small enough pieces to guarantee that the document can’t be reassembled. Whether its someone on the inside, or someone who takes your shredded paper after is removed, reassembly can mean your company suffers a data breach. And who knows how much that will cost.

2. Information Mistakenly Destroyed

On the other end of the spectrum, if you don’t have proper document storage, retrieval and destruction policies in place, you run the risk of inadvertently destroying and disposing information that is crucial to your business.

3. Lost Productivity

Lastly, few cost comparisons between in-house and outsourced shredding consider all of the employee time needed for shredding your own documents. From removing staples, to managing the shredding schedule and actually doing the shredding, the cost in productivity is probably immeasurable. And who knows how much time is lost when the shredder breaks down – or what it really costs to fix it.

So why not take the low-cost alternative to certifiably shredding corporate documents and call us here at Papersavers.

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