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3 Ways Your On-Site Document Storage Kills Productivity

December 22, 2015


It’s the way it’s always been. You have a space in your business that you use to keep sensitive documents and your company’s records. It’s nice having it close at hand whenever you need to get a document. Yet, space is tight and it’s not always easy to find what you need, but it would take way longer to reorganize your records than it takes to find something, and no one has the time to revamp the system. So it’s best to leave things the way they are.

Unless you consider the ways that your on-site document storage system saps your productivity.

  1. Finding Documents

While we mentioned this already, few businesses realize just how much time is lost to locating docs by digging through endless boxes. And it’s not just the actual time it takes to do a search that’s underestimated, but also the time lost when employees must detach themselves from their work and then get back up to speed on the task after they have found what they were looking for. Lost momentum and flow due to downtime is rarely considered when measuring the cost of locating documents.
And what happens when the item you need isn’t filed in the right place, or isn’t in the files at all, hiding instead on someone else’s desk. It all adds up to more lost time and energy.

2. Document Movement

We’ve all had those times when we’ve set up our work schedules to get something done at a certain time, but the task hinges on receiving a document from another person or department. Of course you can shuffle your schedule, but again, that takes time; lost time.

3. Lost Documents

Regardless of how good your system is, hard copies will get lost. Then everything, and everyone involved, must come to a standstill to either locate the missing piece or reconstruct the information it contains. This too means additional lost time as employees gear-down from whatever tasks they were on, and ramp back up when they reengage. And who knows how much productivity is lost if the document is never found. How often down the line will time be wasted because the document no longer exists in your system?

Off-site document storage can help by organizing your documents and records and tracking them as they are used. Even better, when you have your documents scanned, you ensure that they are always immediately available to whoever has security clearance to view them, and they can never be lost.

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