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What Should Be Shred At A School, University or College?

June 14, 2022


If you work at a school, university or college, then you should be shredding certain documents. Students may have submitted personal documents or banking information that you have stored. These documents need to be kept for security purposes, but can be shredded at a certain point.

Let’s go over what should be shred at a school, university or college.

Student Information

Student records tend to be kept at an institution. This way, you can keep track of a students performance, achievements, and personal information. You may have to keep these documents for a while after a student has graduated. However, you can shred the information after 4 years.

Staff Data

Keeping track of your staff and teachers’ information important. You don’t want these documents, such as employee reviews or personal information to go missing. If staff or teachers leave your institution, you can get rid of certain data. You won’t need to hold onto employee reviews or past syllabuses, as it won’t serve any purpose. You can also shred certain documents, like staff training and exercises after staff or teachers have started their employee contract.

Old Electronic Equipment

It is wise to get rid of old equipment safely, such as laptops, tv’s, or monitors. You can bring it to a professional to dispose of it properly. If you are replacing equipment, you can avoid storing the old equipment by safely disposing of it right away.

Digital Storage

If your institution keeps information on hard drives or USBs, you may find that they are full and no longer valuable. If so, bring them to a shredding service so they get disposed of. You do not want to risk the digital data getting in the wrong hands. Make sure you check your digital storage before shredding so you can ensure all the information is no longer needed.

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