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The Drawbacks To Owning An Office Paper Shredder

February 10, 2022


Owning an office paper shredder can be convenient. It allows you to get rid of documents quickly without having to go to a paper shredding company. But, there are drawbacks to having one that you may be unaware of.

High Cost

Shredding machines can be expensive. Although you may think it is a one-and-done purchase, they require a lot of maintenance. If you do not maintain it, you risk the machine breaking down or becoming slower. If this happens, you can end up spending more than you think to shred your own paper.

Health & Safety Risks

Even though you may know how to operate a shredding machine and maintain it, there are health and safety risks. If you have not been trained on how to use the office paper shredder, injuries can occur. Finger injuries are the most common, ranging from paper cuts and lacerations to amputations. Typically, these injuries will happen when loose clothing or jewelry gets caught in the machine.

It is extremely important to be trained on using a paper shredder and it is safer to get your paper shredded by professionals to avoid injury.

Security Risks

When you shred your own paper, it is not uncommon for important documents to get thrown out by accident. This can lead to security breaches if your documents get put into recycling bins or are accidentally shredded. Therefore, when you shred papers you must double-check everything to confirm that’s it OK to do so. Remember, once something is shredded you cannot get it back unless you have a copy.

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