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The Dangers Of Doing Your Own Shredding

May 05, 2022


Shredding is one way to ensure your sensitive corporate information is protected. You do not want to risk private documents getting in the wrong hands, and suffering a a security breach. But, paper shredders can be dangerous if they are not used properly or in safe environments.

Keep reading to find out the dangers of paper shredding on your own.


Shredders are extremely sharp machines. Cuts are not uncommon when using the machine, especially on your fingers. If you wear loose clothing around the machine, it may get caught in the machine which can cause injuries as well. With automatic shredders, you have to be extra careful as they can be activated by very light touches.


Paper shredders, like many other pieces of machinery, are flammable. Typically, they will shut off if they are overheated. However, small paper particles or a lack of oil can result in a fire. Small sparks can also light shredded paper and create a fire. You should properly clean the machine on a daily basis and keep it in a safe spot to prevent fires.

Dust & Allergens

Paper tends to create dust, especially when it is shredded. If you are using a shredder in an area that is not properly ventilated, you risk dust and allergens getting into the air. Allergies can be triggered as a result, putting individuals in the same area at risk.

Hidden Costs

If shredders are not properly maintained, you may end up spending quite a bit of money repairing or on replacing them. These machines tend to be used for many hours a day and shred many pieces of paper. If you do not properly maintain your machine, you may run into paper jams or damage as a result.

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