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How To Recycle Lightbulbs The Correct Way

October 07, 2021


Everyone must recycle lightbulbs on a daily basis. It is one way to improve our planet. Lightbulbs contain chemicals, such as mercury, that can be very harmful to the environment. They need to be disposed of properly to ensure the chemicals in the lightbulbs do not escape.

So, let’s go over how you can recycle lightbulbs the correct way.

Incandescent Lightbulbs

Incandescent lightbulbs are not considered toxic and don’t pose any major threats to the environment. However, it can be costly to recycle these lightbulbs. If you decide to recycle them, you should also take the proper precautions of wrapping the bulb in a bag. This way, the lightbulb won’t shatter or break when sanitation workers handle them.

Halogen Lightbulbs

Halogen Lightbulbs are also not toxic and can be recycled in your own bin. However, it is not recommended that you recycle your lightbulbs without professional assistance. You do not want your halogen lightbulbs to be recycled alongside regular bulbs. The glass inside of halogen bulbs is quartz which needs to be recycled a certain way.

Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs or CFL’s

These bulbs contain mercury. You do not want to risk recycling them at home and having mercury leak into your home. CFL’s are a little tricky to dispose of due to their hazardous materials. So make sure you research a recycling centre that accepts them.

Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent tubes contain mercury and cannot be recycled at a landfill site. You want to ensure you are careful when handling them as they are long and extremely delicate. You should be extremely careful when handling them as this makes them even more hazardous. Make sure you find a local company that can dispose of them properly.

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