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Why You Should Recycle Old Electronics

June 03, 2021


There are many reasons why all of us, people, businesses, organizations, etc., should practice electronics recycling.

However, for companies of all sizes, there are more reasons to recycle electronic waste than most. Reasons that can affect your very existence as a business. And we’re not just talking about the backlash you’ll get from not having and following a green policy.

3 Reasons to Recycle Old Electronic Equipment

To give you an idea of what we mean by “electronic items”, they include the following:

  • Computer CPUs 
  • Hard drives 
  • Monitors
  • Laptops & Tablets
  • Printers & Photocopiers
  • Cables and Other Electronics, like Routers
  • USB Flash Drives 
  • Cell Phones

Here’s why you should recycle all of these unwanted electronic devices.

They Are Really Bad for the Environment  

If they were made of plain old metal, that would be one thing. But many of the electronic devices listed above contain highly toxic substances, like lead, mercury, cadmium, beryllium and chromium.

Not only will these toxins leach into the soil, but many of them can become airborne. So they pollute the earth and the atmosphere.

A Great Source of Raw Materials 

From gold to rare earth, your old electronics are a storehouse of valuable raw materials for new devices. And if manufacturers get them from old electronics, they don’t have to mine them and use all the energy it takes to do so.

Data Security

This is the one that can harm your business continuity if not properly managed. Just like you certified paper shredding services to keep the information on paper documents secure, you also needed reliable hard drive destruction to make sure the information on the drives doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

To learn more about data security and business continuity, check out our post “How Confidential Paper Shredding Is Key To Business Continuity”.

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