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How Much Document Storage Do You Need?

March 20, 2023


Document storage is useful if you have large amounts of physical documentation. You don’t want to misplace any documents, and chances are you want them organized and easily accessible. Especially with personal or confidential documents, you need them safely stored so they don’t get into the wrong hands or misplaced.

Here are a few ways to help you decide how much document storage you need.

Personal vs Work Storage

If you work remotely or in an office, you may deal with large amounts of physical documentation. And, some documents may need to be kept for company security or for client purposes. If you produce or receive a large number of documents per week, then you will likely need more storage at some point. However, if you only deal with a few documents won’t require as much. If you simply have personal documents that you need stored, you can have one storage section for them all, separated by with filing dividers. It simply comes down to how many documents you produce or work with on a daily basis.

Short Term Vs Long Term

Do you need to hold on to your documents for 1 week or 1 year? This is an import question to ask yourself. If you don’t need to hold on to documents, then you don’t need more storage since you will be recycling or shredding them anyways. But, if you need to hold on to documents for a while, like for tax reasons or work related situations, it is best to have more storage.

Organization Habits

If you are a fairly organized individual, then you may not need as much storage. Your documents will most likely be fairly organized and divided, even in a smaller storage area. However, if you lose track of your documents easily, it is best to have more storage. Although the area may be unorganized, you will know your documents are there.

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