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Why Paper Recycling is So Important Part Two

April 08, 2011


    In this day and age, most of us know by now that paper comes from trees. This means that every time you draw on a piece of paper, or you hold a magazine in your hand, you are holding something that it was necessary for a tree to die to create. Paper is incredibly important and useful and either way it needs to be made. This is because we use paper in order to write on and draw on and thus we need it in order to read off of. While many businesses are heading towards the promise of a ‘paperless’ office where everything is digital – a lot of the time we still need paper or prefer paper so that we don’t risk losing the information when the computer goes wrong, and so that we can sit outside and read in the sun without straining our eyes. Paper in other words is completely necessary for the exchange of information and for communication across large distances. Without it we simply would not be able to learn, to communicate or to entertain ourselves without the computer.
    Thus if we don’t use paper recycling trees will fall and that means the damage to the atmosphere.

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