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Why Paper Recycling is So Important Part Three

April 08, 2011


    Of course first and foremost the loss of the trees themselves is something serious to be concerned about. If a tree is cut down this then means that a beautiful natural structure dies and means that the habitat it provided for thousands of creatures and the food it provided are no more. This then has far reaching consequences for the eco system and means that many endangered species come closer to becoming completely extinct.
    However the real concern for paper recycling is that the death of the trees causes global warming. This is simply because carbon is one of the biggest contributors to global warming and one of the ‘greenhouse’ gasses that traps the sun’s warmth in our atmosphere and prevents the planet from being able to cool down. Now normally this carbon is eradicated from the atmosphere by all the trees – which convert carbon into harmless oxygen (which is also crucial for most other life as it happens). This has become more and more difficult due to the increase in the production of our carbon through various fuel emissions etc.

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