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Why Paper Recycling is So Important Part Four

April 08, 2011


    At the same time though because not enough people are paper recycling that means that there are fewer trees. So there is more carbon and not as many trees to get rid of it – meaning that the situation gets steadily worse.
    What impact does this have on our environment? Well suffice to say it’s a serious impact that effects almost every aspect of the ecosystem and the planet. For instance it is causing many more natural disasters to occur and that results in serious destruction of the environment and could in theory be a risk to many lives. At the same time the heat is melting the global icecaps which is resulting in rising sea levels as well as in many different temperatures – for instance in England it is actually colder as those ice caps melt into the sea and cool it down significantly. Furthermore the change in temperature is also killing lots of wildlife which has adapted to survive only in certain climates.

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