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How to Choose a Shredding Company

May 03, 2021


While popular opinion is that, due to less reliance on paper documents due to the internet and cloud computing, paper shredding isn’t as important as it once was, the truth is the complete opposite. 

And that makes choosing a document shredding company as important as it ever was.

Paper documents carry the same confidential information that’s stored digitally. That means if you don’t find a secure, reliable paper shredding service, you run the same risks of identity theft and data breaches as if a hacker got through your firewall.  

3 Factors in Choosing a Shredding Company

Are All of Their Shredding Programs NAID AAA-Certified? 

If not, find another paper shredding service. NAID AAA Certified shredding is the only way to irretrievably destroy all the information printed on a paper document. If you don’t get NAID AAA Certified shredding, it may be possible to reconstruct your documents and all the information on them.

Do They Offer a Variety of Secure Document Destruction Services?

If your company creates enough paper documents, maybe you can rely on regular pickups. But, very often you may need secure shredding services between scheduled pickups, or you might prefer to have your documents shredded before they leave your premises.

To have your need met in all those cases, you need to find a shredding company that offers an on-site shred service, or mobile shredding, and a drop-off shredding service, so you don’t have to wait for scheduled pickups.

Will They Give You a Certificate of Destruction?

Even if a company claims to offer NAID AAA Certified shredding services, you have no guarantee that your documents were destroyed using Certified processes unless your shredding company gives you a Certificate of Destruction.

To learn more about different types of paper shredding services, check out our article “The Difference Between On-Site vs Off-Site Paper Shredding”. 

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