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How Data Can Be Used Against You Part Three

April 08, 2011


If nothing else we will hopefully get birthday cards from time to time and this will give away the date of our birthday – and even worse, our age. This then gives a clever criminal all the information they need to be able to claim they’ve forgotten their password and have a website e-mail it to them for them to sign in as you with a new password. Even something as simple as naming a pet can give someone the information they need – and while this seems like a serious length for someone to go to, some people do this as a main source of income – this is a living to them and it does happen a lot of the time.
    Thus paper shredders are very important to protect your data and to keep your identity safe. However if you are a business and have an office then this gets even more severe. Here you will be dealing with countless documents every day and throwing out all manner of things. Of course a lot more of these will have bank account details on them and other crucial details and the thieves will be able to get a lot more information about your business online.

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