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How Data Can Be Used Against You Part Four

April 08, 2011


    Businesses are much easier targets too – there is less of a moral feeling not to do it and you know that they make at least a certain amount of money. Thus by letting these details slip you put yourself at even greater danger. You won’t be able to tear this volume of paper up yourself and thus you will need a shredder or a shredding service.
    At the same time though when you are a business you have data that is private or sensitive for other reasons. For instance you will have the information and personal data of all of your clients and here it is your responsibility to protect this or face considerable legal and PR difficulties. As well as this you will have a lot of information about your company and your plans – products you intend to release and your finances and if this information is leaked then you will risk losing your advantage over your competitors and letting unwanted information out to the press. Even if you don’t think you’re the sort of company where industrial espionage would apply – if you make it that easy for the opposition they might just decide to go ahead with it.

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