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Buying a shredding machine versus paper shredding companies

September 21, 2011


There are several things you should keep into mind when buying a shredding machine. These things include the cost of the machine and its efficiency. Cost and efficiency go hand in hand when talking about shredding machines. Certainly, you can save a lot of money if you put these two things into consideration when buying a shredding machine. Apart from the machine’s cost and efficiency, you should also review your shredding needs before finally deciding on the shredder to buy.

Shredding machines are primarily classified into two categories: cross-cut and strip-cut. Cross-cut shredders are the best, though they are a bit expensive. Although these shredders require constant maintenance routine, they are bound to meet any set paper shredding standard efficiently. On the other hand, strip-cut shredders are more economical and easy to assemble. The only demerit is that they take up a lot more space.

However, the best option to choose is a company that will shred and recycle the documents for you. This method is far more cost effective in the long-run as you will only pay when you require the services. This means you do not have to buy machines that will lie in the corner of the office waiting for use. Additionally, you will not need extra staff to carry out the procedures. All this is taken care of by the paper shredding companies.

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