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things to do to protect your data before reopening

3 Things To Do to Protect Data Before Reopening Your Office

January 07, 2021


It’s a New Year and the light at the end of the tunnel says that offices may be reopening and employees returning to work soon.

Of course, for company owners and managers, the list of things to do before reopening any workplace can seem endless. But data security must be a high priority for any organization, even at the best of times.

Do These 3 Things for the Sake of Data Security

While every business is different and their data security requirements may not be the same, the following list outlines ways for most companies to make sure data security remains the priority it should be.

  1. Review Data Security Policies – They may not have been reviewed recently. It’s good, even for those who manage data security in your company, to revisit security policies to make sure they are still protecting your data and your company. 
  2. Keep Employees Informed – Making data security a part of the conversation as you return to the office helps to keep it front-of-mind, and in practice. 
  3. Change Passwords – Regularly changing internet, intranet and document passwords regularly is a good policy. As part of keeping data security a “trending topic” with employees, they should be required to change any of their personal access information upon return to the office. 
  4. Consolidate Work-from-Home Documents and Manage Them – Depending on when your office reopens, some employees may have been working at home for a year or more. It is highly likely that they have printed documents with sensitive corporate data on them at that time.

    Employees should be encouraged to keep any printed corporate documents secure and bring them in when they return to the office. Considering that most of them will be prints of digital documents, you can schedule a one-time shredding service to destroy the sensitive data they carry.  

To learn more about the advantages of one-time shredding, check out our article “Why You Need a One-Time Shredding Service when Your Office Reopens”. 

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