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Where to Find Cheap Printer Paper in Toronto

December 20, 2023


In the bustling city of Toronto, finding affordable printer paper is essential for students, home offices, and businesses.

With the demand for cost-effective solutions growing, this guide explores five venues where thrifty shoppers can find the best deals on printer paper without compromising quality.

Three Cent Copy Centre

For the budget-conscious consumer, stores like Three Cent Copy Centre offer a reprieve from the typically high costs associated with printer paper. Alongside Alexandria Printing Services and well-known chains like Staples, these centers not only provide printing services but also sell printer paper at competitive prices.

They cater to a clientele that requires affordability without sacrificing the paper’s standard for various printing needs. By leveraging their printing services, customers can often snag deals on paper, making these stores a staple in the Toronto printer paper market.


Buying in bulk can lead to significant savings, and Costco is a testament to this principle. The wholesale giant offers A1-Premium Multipurpose Printer Paper by the case, ideal for those with ample storage.

With options ranging from 16 to 39 cases, businesses and heavy-duty users can capitalize on the volume discount. The bright, 20 lb. paper serves multiple purposes, ensuring that whether you’re printing a college thesis or a business report, the result is consistently professional.

Moreover, the convenience of Costco’s various locations throughout Toronto makes it an accessible option for bulk buyers.


Staples, a household name in office supplies, provides an array of printer paper that meets diverse needs. From the eco-friendly FSC-Certified Multiuse Paper to the premium Xerox Bold Professional, Staples caters to quality and environmental consciousness.

Reviews from thousands of satisfied customers underscore the reliability of Staples’ paper products. The 22 lb. bright white paper, in particular, offers a superior feel and brightness, resulting in crisp and clear printouts.

Staples’ commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes it a formidable contender in the Toronto market for those who seek excellence in their printing tasks.

Best Buy

While Best Buy Canada is renowned for electronics, its online marketplace is a hidden gem for printer paper deals. The Orca 500-Sheet 30% Recycled Multipurpose Paper boasts eco-friendliness and a competitive price point, appealing to the environmentally conscious and the budget-savvy.

The 92 brightness rating ensures that the paper is sufficiently white, making it suitable for both professional and personal printing needs.

Moreover, the convenience of online shopping combined with the option to ship or pick up in-store provides flexibility for Toronto residents on the go.

Paper Plus

Paper Plus is the go-to wholesale source for paper needs in Toronto. Their bold claim of offering the lowest prices on thousands of paper products is a beacon for those looking to make large-scale purchases. From fine papers to coated and uncoated cardboard, Paper Plus caters to a diverse clientele, including those requiring specialized paper.

Established in 2000, the company’s longevity in the market is a testament to its commitment to value and variety. For businesses and individuals with substantial paper demands, Paper Plus offers a one-stop solution in the heart of Canada’s largest city.


Toronto’s landscape for affordable printer paper is diverse, with options ranging from bulk wholesalers like Costco and Paper Plus to specialized providers such as Staples and Best Buy Canada’s online marketplace.

Additionally, budget printing stores such as Three Cent Copy Centre offer cost-effective solutions for more minor needs. By assessing the paper quality, quantity, and purchasing convenience, Torontonians can make informed decisions that align with their budget and printing requirements.

With these resources, the quest for affordable printer paper in Toronto is not only possible but also full of choices catering to the unique needs of its residents.

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