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Why you need to use a paper shredder

May 18, 2011


In order to keep your home nice and neat, you will have to remove some of the clutter.  Some of the most common forms of clutter include old bank statements, credit card bills, and other utility bills.  Many people keep these items around for their records so that they can spot any discrepancies in their accounts down the road.  However, after a while it is no longer necessary to hold on to these old documents and you will need to discard them so that your house does not become littered with old papers.

When throwing away your old documents you will want to run them through a paper shredder first because of the important information held within these papers.  Information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, and bank account numbers should be closely guarded so that they do not fall into the hands of other people.  When these numbers are included on certain documents you will want to shred those documents before throwing them into the trash.  A shredder will make it impossible for someone to gather the pieces of your document and reconstruct it by taping it together, ensuring that your personal information is still secret and safe.

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