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When to use a paper shredder

May 18, 2011


Whenever you are looking to discard some of your old important documents you will want to use a paper shredder to properly destroy the documents so that nobody can get access to your personal information.  Items such as bank statements, credit card statements, and other utility bills should be put through a paper shredder before throwing them away in the garbage.  Also, any other financial documents such as stock reports or mutual fund statements should also be put through a shredder before you discard these important documents.

The reason why you should use a paper shredder to destroy these types of documents before throwing them in the garbage is so that someone does not gain access to your important financial information.  If someone comes across your credit card numbers, bank account number, or mutual fund accounts, he or she might be able to make changes to those accounts and be able to take your financial security.  When this happens this unscrupulous person might be able to destroy your credit history, which could have long lasting negative effects.  In order to prevent someone from gaining access to your financial accounts, it is best to run your old documents through a paper shredder in order to properly destroy these documents.

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