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What is paper recycling?

July 15, 2011



Paper recycling is the way paper is recovered from waste and made into new paper products. Sometimes, though, paper recycling appertains to shredding sensitive documents into strips of papers, in order to protect personal sensitive information. Once the sensitive documents are shredded into tiny slivers of paper, it can be recycled along with other types of paper waste. This way, there will be no worries that the personal data can be recovered by anyone

The question that many people ask is why paper shredding and recycling is so important to businesses. To better understand the answer to that, it is important to learn what identity theft is, and the extent of the danger it presents.

Identity theft is the act of stealing critical personal information for malicious purposes. The results of identity theft can range from annoying online identity falsification to massive bank account hacking. It’s important to understand that identity theft is a huge industry. Despite the efforts of many government agencies working against it, identity theft still rampages on many businesses. In countries like Canada, for example, identity theft is a big concern. To protect your company, if you have a company based in one of the bigger cities, such as Toronto, you can minimize the risks by looking for paper recycling Toronto services.

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