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Types of common shredding machines in Toronto

September 21, 2011


There are different types of available shredding machines in Toronto. Analyzed below are just a couple of them.

•    Home shredders: These are light and portable and are used for shredding such documents as utility bills, bank statements, tax and legal documents, credit card bills, and so forth. There are different types of home shredding machines. These are; the strip-cut shredder that shreds the documents into paper strips and cross-cut shredder that shreds the papers into irregular small pieces, thus making them more secure. Home shredders vary in both their weight and size.

•    Office document shredders: Nowadays, office shredders have become a necessity in a majority of offices. These helpful machines are made for a continuous work routine. In fact if you visit most modern offices, you will get some type of a heavy duty shredder that is constantly being used. These types of machines are normally cross-cut thus are more secure when it comes to shredding confidential papers.

Many companies prefer to hire the services of professional paper shredders for the bulk of their confidential papers and only use a shredding Toronto appliance for small amounts of confidential waste. This makes sense as the documents to be shredded can be given to a shredding company in the secure knowledge that it will be permanently disposed of and nothing will remain of the confidential material.

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