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Shredding services: Tips to securely destroy old paper files

June 16, 2011


As identity theft becomes a regular and increasing concern for a lot of people, carefully keeping and organizing your files that contains valuable information is very important. Old and unnecessary documents must be put away safely. You can buy your own shredder or simply hire shredding services Toronto if you want to do this in bulk, once or twice a year. Here are some things that you can do to maximize the use of the shredding service.

First thing is to collect all the documents that you need to destroy. Identify how much paper you need to shred. If you’re closing your business, you might need an industrialized shredding machine. You may want to inform the shredding company about this. Collect them all and place them in one box and then label them. Some shredding companies provide their customers a box with lock where all confidential documents are stored before taking them out.

Contact a reliable shredding service in your local area and have them pick up your boxes. You can also opt for onsite service or remote shredding service, to ensure that no one else will have to your documents except you and the shredding personnel. Some provide mobile service, where in the boxes filled document are destroyed right then and there.

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