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Shredding Practices for Secure Disposal of Information

April 21, 2011


With increasingly greater number of cases of identity theft being reported, there is an atmosphere of panic among the Toronto public regarding the security of their information. Information is not secure until it is destroyed to the last detail. There are several firms in Toronto that handle the task of destroying sensitive information.
The process of retrieving information that has been used by others is called Dumpster diving or rifling, and involves skimming through trash cans for personal information to enable ID theft. Shredding personal information decreases the probability of a Toronto dumpster diver accessing your personal information.

It is by no means illegal for anyone to retrieve information in such a manner from trash cans according to the constitution of the US. This way, information like your credit card receipts, bank transaction details, account numbers and other important numbers like the social security number can be retrieved and utilized.

This huge risk can be avoided by using a paper shredder to destroy all documents and files before sending them to the trash can. Shredding documents is one of the most important steps towards protecting your identity and safeguarding the future of the company or the family. By shredding information before it is sent to the trash can, information can be securely destroyed and prevented from misuse!

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